Thursday, December 1, 2011

Episode 3 - Ginger Biscuits Rock!

My first few lessons were both exciting and overwhelming! Join me as I talk about my initial experiences with flight training and why ginger biscuits rock my world!

Episode 3 - Ginger Biscuits Rock!


  1. Hello Mark

    My name is Enrique A. Iglesias.

    I am a pilot from Spain, fom NW.

    Congratulations on your blog podtcast
    To me this system is fantastic, I need to improve my bad English. For me Its necesary a good english for a level 4 OACI....

    I will follow your blog with interest

    a greeting

    Enrique A. Iglesias

  2. Thanks for your well wishes Enrique! Glad to hear from other pilots around the world...keep on flying!

  3. Hi Mark good luck with your new podcast and flight training, I fly out of Kilrush EIKH, look forward to meeting you. Tony

  4. Hey there Tony! Great to hear from another Irish aviator...and not too far away either! Thanks for the comments. What stage are you at in your flying?

  5. well Mark you have inspired me to do a blog;

    just hope I keep it up!

    you are welcome to come for a flight sometime I know how hard it is operating off a grass strip this time of year. I live in Naas, give me a shout when the weather picks up. Tony

  6. Congrats on your blog Tony, great to see! I added a comment on your second post there.

    Tried to go flying today as it was the first decent day here in weeks, but Trevet was water logged...what a pain! Is Kilrush tarmac?