Thursday, March 7, 2013

Episode 11 - First Flight In A New Plane

Getting to fly a brand new airplane is a rare event in a pilots life. For some people it might only happen a handful of times, and for some, not at all.

What with changing flight schools and a new airplane I was really looking forward to my first flight in the Grob G115. Follow along as I describe my first flight.

I've included some pictures of the Grob below in case you don't recognize the type.

Episode 11 - First Flight In A New Plane

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  1. Enjoyed your latest podcast. Always laugh when I see an ADF tuned to 252khz. Is that station still transmitting? I have a funny story about that. I will save it for when we meet up next year in Ireland.

    I remember my first flight after a 2 - 3 year break at EIWT. I also turned the yoke during the taxi out!

    Do you still have to call for engine start at Weston?

    Very excited to follow your training over the next few months.