Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Episode 13 - Theoretical Knowledge Exams

I finally decided to get my Theoretical Knowledge Exams out of the way so with CRP-1, charts and a notepad in hand I headed out for my lessons and subsequent exams.

PPL Equipment and Books needed for PPL study

It was a lot of hard work but am delighted to say that I passed all of them.

Listen in as I talk about that experience and also describe some sample questions.

Mentions in this episode
  • My awesome family, Rowena, Jody and Luke. Follow Rowena on Twitter at @MaidenRowena
  • The Plane Talking UK Podcast. Download episodes on iTunes and follow them on Twitter at @PlaneTalkingUK
  • Tony Simpson and his Cessna 150. See Tony's blog at

Episode 13

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  1. Another great episode Mark. Can't wait to hear about your flying adventures soon,