Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Episode 12 - Keeping up when you're down

I thought it was about time that I brought everybody up to speed on where I've been and what aviation avgeekery I've been up to!

When you don't get to fly how do you keep up your aviation interest and learning? In this episode I suggest a few pursuits that can keep you up to speed when you can't get to fly.

Mentioned in this episode :

AOPA Flight Training Magazine : flighttraining.aopa.org  @AOPAFTMag
In The Pattern Podcast : inthepatternpodcast.com  @InThePattern
Xtended Aviation Podcast : aviation-xtended.co.uk  @AviationXtended
Plane Talking UK Podcast : planetalkinguk.com  @PlaneTalkingUK
Plane Crazy Down Under Podcast : planecrazydownunder.com  @pcdu
Neil Bradon : getmyppl.blogspot.com  @pilot_ngb

Get Involved :

I would love to hear from you regarding your flight training or pilot experiences that I can share with other podcast listeners. You can reach me on Twitter at @markisflying or via the email address that I mention in this episode.

Episode 12

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